Friday, 7 August 2009

Long time no see

Hey everybody!

Haven't written in quite some days, but well, am on holidays.
On monday mum & I flew to Stockholm, spend 2 days in this beautiful capital! Great time & weather, what more? I want to go back!!!!
Here are some pictures!:)

Then we drove for about 4 hours to go to my grandparents home and sins then we have been sooooo busy! We are redoing the whole balcony & veranda that was before, happily rotting. So after many hours painting, filling and waiting, and of course a horrid back-ache, it's almost finished!

Well... we did still have some treats... as strawberries and the best? some fresh picked chanterelles on buttered bread!

What did I have with me in my suitcase? Oh... a Big Slurp element! let's see... in the next article :)

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