Friday, 30 October 2009

So much news! But lets start with a Big SlurP!!!!

Hey everybody! How are you?

Ohhhh I couldn't waitttt to be at the end of this long week (I had my first exam and I have NO idea of how it went, we'll see!) to show you my new perfect, warm, soft lovely scarf!

It's done in Merino Lang- Superwash. The pattern came from Ravelry. I loveeeee Ravelry, do you use it? Like it?

It's a clove scarf. So here let's not wait longer!

THE scarf!

It looks comfy on! :-)

I love feeling my own little production around my neck! It feels just nice! And perfect!

And then, I came home, from the last day of university of the last week in October to find a Big Box waiting for me! I knew what was in it! I LOVE it!

I ordered yarn from a very nice lady going out of business and selling the yarn at low low low prices. And here it came!

Can't wait to start my projects! But one thing at a time! I've some gloves to finish for my mom, then her birthday present and then... we'll see :D

I know one little tyke who is ready for a cuddly evening! All cuddled up in his blankies in the mornings! One can almost not see him!

Lovely weekend to you lovely persons visiting and taking the time to comment my blog!

XXX See you around the hook!

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Big Slurp of a Little Thing!

Hey everybody!

How are you all?

In my piece of land I'm having a hectic time, a loooonnnngggggg week, so I actually slept under class today!

So... the fun bits of these 7 last days were!

A friend lent me her sewing machine so I could at last start my first patchwork project!
So I started on saturday morning with cutting squares, cutting and cutting and cutting...

Then arranging them all on the kitchen table... then counting them and seing that 20 squares are actually missing, so cutting and cutting perfect squares again.

So at the end of the cutting I was a wee bit pissed of the cutting. I put the machine on and started assembling 2 squares. They came out totally freaked. After 4 squares together, the separations weren't neat and tidy, they weren't straight.

So then I told myself to stop mesuring for nothing and start having fun. So that's what I did, and I DID have FUN!...until the machine broke down.

Next day, so Sunday morning I started again with the squares again, after having repaired the machine (yes the squares were on the table all night). I continued having fun! So it didn't get great or glorious, but I actually am in LOVE with my first cushion!

So that's was the Highlight 1 of the "week" (well last weekend). Then, tuesday evening, my best friend and I had a girls night out, a lot more frivolous than the cushion making, but it does good!
We went to the Chippendales!

Here,my friend and I with 3 of the Chippis!

How have your week been?

A little thought too Dzet from who has had some uni exams this week, hope everything went well!!!!


Thursday, 15 October 2009

The Big slurp!


Here it comes! I've finally had 2 small minuts (and those were on monday at 6 a.m) to take some pictures- quite lousy because of the early hours- of the Stella Shawl!... well it should be the Emma Shawl now that I've done it ;)
With the flash so the pattern comes out!In my favourite mirror! Isn't it great? Yup don't look at me, it actually WAS 6am ;)
It is very comfy, it keeps warm and well... I think it came out quite right! :-)

Otherwise, the temperature is getting realllyyyyyy cold here, we were at -1°C this morning and there is a cold wind, the Bise. Crappy crap!
How is your fall getting on? Getting all cosy and hibernating? :)

Take care!!!!

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Glorious Sunday

Hello everybody!

Have you been sleeping well? Hope so :)

I went out with Gipsy this morning under a sun that could be an august sun. Only the leaves reminded that we are approching winter!

It's almost scary how warm it is outside... Global warming?!

I wanted to talk about university a bit, as you know, I'm in geoscience faculty, option geography. I really like it! Except for the maths bit. And the cartography! But I love Ressources & Population, Water Cycle, Territorial systems etc...

There are so many new feelings, new surroundings, new methods to take in, it's really exciting! But also exhausting! Starting 5th week tomorrow and I still haven't got a routine.

And then... only 9 weeks to go and then... the first exams. I can't understand where time has gone!

So well... Here I am on a glorious sunday, trying to see where the hell time passed.

And for the crochet.... Weeble is getting on, not so fast because I'm having projects in parallel, I did a shawl for the mother of a friend (Christmas present), I'm getting paid for the work, nice so I can get some yarn of the money! And I've started a new scarf that turns out great!

But all those projects and the Big Slurp for the Stella Shawl will have to wait for... well... until I've got some more time!

Have a great sunday!


Thursday, 1 October 2009


The Mont-Blanc, one can see it like that from our house

Hello lovelies!

Just a quick hop-in to Blogland today, reading all about your day activities!

My day was rough, couldn't sleep all night, the 4 poor neighboor chihuahuas... they barked outside the whole night, I hate that new neighboor we have, she never walkes the poor dogs! I'll call the police in 2 weeks if it hasn't gone better.

Then early up, take the train to the university, start at 8, finish at 5pm. Longggg getting home at 6. 6h30 out with doggy for an hour walk... Than just about had time with my shower and now I'm sitting here clicking and typing away!

But what I really wanted to show you, and couldn't wait! On Monday's usual evening walk we got a great surprise...we're used to see them at fall, but not this close, not this near, not this beautifully! Last year, they flew over my head whilst I was coming home from school.

But this year!


The STORKES! Near! Unafraid! Beautiful!