Sunday, 23 August 2009

Sneak peaks... at last!

Hi everybody!

How are you all?

I'm soooo not updating my blog! But it's just egg-cooking hot so just sitting infront of the computer is horrible!

But tonight is cooler, with a wind blowing here and there so here I am... after a day of fruit eating (my favourites are coming up on the markets: white peaches, the last strawberries and pears!), what are your favorite fruits????
living on the edge... who said fruit was boring????

So let's not wait any longer, here are the sneak peaks,

I first mentionned the Drunken Harry Potter scarf (Dhp), I've made it with Rowan Lenpur Linen, it's simple as a bee, it's maid out of 2 double-crochets closed together, the whole way.

Why did I call it Drunken Harry Potter? Well, because the common HP scarves are 1) in the HP houses colours 2) made in a very thight stitch and with quite rough yarn... This one is made of funky colours (suiting my trench coat) and made with quite airy stitches. I'm finished with it, but I didn't have enough of the blue (damn yarns with different lengths! ) so I had to finish it of with an other blue... that I have to hide in some way, am thinking of it :-)
But for the moment, here is Dhp!

Then, I mentionned the Stella Shawl, it's going great! I love it even if it's quite demanding, about 1 hour to come around once now that it grows from big to huge! But I'm really fond of it and it'll be cosy to have it on the shoulder when the cold fall mist will come!
... It's red... but my camera must be in love with someone else, the mad thing doesn't make as good pictures as it used to :-P

Hope you're having a lovely end of summer! I'm preparing for University, starting 14th of September, apprehension & "I can't WAIT to be there!"




  1. Hi Emma,
    Wow, your shawl is amazing! Looks like you have a real talent for crochet!!! With summer drawing to a close, your scarf project has inspired me to start on one before the cold weather sets in.

  2. Hi Emma, your shawl is great, i posted a comment on your other post befor this just incase you didnt know hope your well.
    Lucy x

  3. Love your fuchia shawl - what a colour! Many thanks too for your comments on mine - means a lot to get feedback from you all.


  4. So many pretty ideas and very useful too... Must learn how to crochet!!!
    Thanks for sharing. I wish I could have a tiennie bit of your T.A.L.E.N.T!Lol