Tuesday, 29 September 2009


Yes.... ZzZzZzzzzz I'm sooooo sleeepy!

After have danced 4 hours in a row on Saturday, getting to bed at 5am on Sunday and then 2 whole and long days of University, I'm just kind of finished off!

But the weather is superb! Really warm and sunny! That's a real positive point!

Not a lot of time... so the Big Slurp will have to wait... But Big Slurp of what???

No idea???

Okay, I give it a way... here it is! (picture taken at 6am this morning so no comments on the quality ;p )It's the Stella Shawl!


But for today I just wanted to show you a wee fellow that has adopted Weeble (that hasn't grown since the last pictures, but who cares? )

Looking at it, observing it...

Trying to sympatize with it...

And well... adopting it!
Hope you're having a good start on your week! <3

Saturday, 26 September 2009


+1... yes yesterday was my 18 + 1 years... I'm 19 now!

Such odd feelings! It was a wonderful day!
It started with the tradition of getting the presents in the morning. Really nice presents! A lovely bracelet, money, cards, boots and shoes, etc... nice! nice! nice!

(the boots!!!!)
Then got some sms' but not so many as last year, everybody just prefering Facebook... and that makes me quite sad. I always send an sms (or call) if I know the person. But all in all, I'm happy.

In the evening, mom made some good food and had bought a cake (passion fruit & chocolate!) and then I went out with a friend.

This evening will be a big party at a local bar & disco. Can't wait!

I love love LOVE birthdays and christmas. But it's also so not the same. It's like there is an invisible filter that just says "You can't enjoy it like before, you're not a kid anymore!"
Why can't we be kids on that day? Dunno.

I just want to say to all kids to really remember every single minut of all their birthdays, to bottle it up, and seal it neately. And keep it. For when they become officialy grown-ups.

I wish you a lovely weekend!


Monday, 21 September 2009

Yesterdays long walk!

Yesterday was a really Perfect Cosy day.

Well it started by loads of maths to do, that wasn't the funniest but it feels so good to have finished it!

Then came a nice breakfast, bread, jam, butter, fruit. It was already noon.
I was so tired after the 2 hours of maths so I went to bed again.. and slept until 3pm! But boy did it do good!

The weather, still quite cloudy was holding up from rain, and the light got brighter and brighter. Time to go out! And that was exactly what Mom, Gipsy & I did. We took the car to the loveliest place in the neighborhoods, where we so want to find a house to live in! There are 2 villages next to each other and above them (between them and the Jura mountains) there is a big agricultural space, filled with crops and cows. And then comes the slopy Jura chain with it's forest filled with paths and mysteries! In one of the villages it's said that there are more horses than people.... yes I did ride for 6 years ;)

Isn't the landscape beautiful? It's definitely automny colours now.

Well, we took a gigantic walk, so peaceful, and that light, bright but not sharp, soothing and warming! Gipsy had great fun running around in his long lead, drinking water in a small river, looking for mice.

He finished just so dirty, look at this! :-)

What have you been up to this weekend?

I hope you had some nice weather!

We have the luxury of having this monday off, I'll be spending it snuggeled up in a blanket, hot chocolate drinking, crocheting and watching the telly.


Saturday, 19 September 2009


Here are some pictures, at last, of the Ripple Blanket,
In other words... called Weeble! ... Yes... Wee Blanket... Weeble... I love it!
And I love rippling now that I have, at last, understood how to do it!

Can't wait to stick my cold feet under it after a long day in university, a nice shower and then... Weeble and I, infront of the TV. I just CANT wait!

So... here Weeble comes!

You might remember one of my first articles about making an orgy-like yarn buying at Tricolaine in Carouge...
Well, I got this yarn, a heavenly Debbie Bliss yarn, soft, warm, not fussy.



It has almost transformed totally in a, like magic, blanket.

Let's not wait any longer!

I so hope you like it!

The funniest is that I started working on it (well trying at least, coudn't get the pattern right at that moment) 5 days before Lucy from Attic24 announced her Ripple Blanket, and even more important, the reason why she was making it, her baby!

So yes, you have understood that it is Attic24's design ;)

And now, well... my first week at university! I love the subject (geography that is), it takes some time to adjust to the independance etc... And there is some horrible, heart breaking, achy maths to do too. Crap and double bollocks in my opinion! (why the hell does maths exist in fact?)

But well... otherwise the weather has definitely switched to automn even thow, the sky is blue and the sun shines warmly, one can walk around in a skirt and a top, but the wind is a lot cooler and the air is not as searingly hot.

BUT! In 6 days (next Friday!) it's my birthday...so the automny thing doesn't matter just yet. In seven days it will, because then it isn't as interesting any more.. You know, observing the weather changes, you know the B-day comes nearer and nearer... Well after that... it's just a long way to go in cold and dark days. Before Christmas ;)

I'm off, going shopping some yarn (yay!) and then working on my maths!

Have a wonderful weekend!

See you Around the hook!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Here I am again!

I have had so much to do so poor blog had to have fun all by himself, thanks to the other bloggers he had some nice comments to eat!

My vacation in Spain was fantastic! It was hot, sunny, the sea was really warm (26°C) and we had a great time! Sitting on the beach all day, taking in as much sand, sea and sun for the winter.I meant to publish an article when I came back, but I took some time to recover from the fright in the aeroplane on the way back. I hate flying. And in the middle of the journey, we hear a sound that sounds well... like a motor that's switched of. And then there was smoke in the cabin. But no problem was reported to the cockpit, so we continued and landed safley.
Well, that's that

and then, yesterday, I started University! I quite like it!
I'm in Geoscience section Geography. Yesterday I came back quite disappointed, but today I had some really interesting courses, I hope it will go on like that! :-)

The university is in Lausanne, I have to take Public Transports to get there, about one people crowded hour to get there, and the same in the evening, so that's a bit annoying.

And what's around the hook for now?

Many many things!

I'm still waiting for the Merino yarn from Sweden to come, so that I can finish my Stella Shawl!
Whilst waiting I have at last started a Ripple Blanket (for the feet), I took a looong time before getting the thing right, I still don't know my error but now it's fixed :-)

I still have that fishy sock project on, but I can't fined a pattern that suites me really. So that's a hell of a stand-by.

No pictures yet. Have a great backache and just am tooo lazy to go upstairs and take a little picture!

So tell me, what are you doing with your hooks now in the beginning of Fall?



Saturday, 5 September 2009

ze BIG thrill of the day!!!!

I'm sooooo happy!

After almost 5 hours of work with my ex-boyfriend, then putting things in order etc... my working room is so finished!

I LOVE it and am so proud of it, after having worked on it soooo much!
There is still some details to be done as for some lamps, the walls are a bit empty still, the curtains must have embraces etc...

Here are some picture :-)

Entering the room...
My reading-audiobook listening-crocheting corner

The big shelves for biggggg university studies ;)

For the crocheting.... Well I'm waiting for the yarns to finish the Stella Shawl and I have started a total freak out project, meaning I absolutely don't know what it will turn out to (edit: nothing)

Hope all of you are well!

I'll not post for a week or so, I'm going to Spain tomorrow, staying until thursday and the friday, first day of university! See you then!

Take care! XXX

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Back from France!

Hi everybody!

Did you have a nice weekend?

I had a lovely one!
I went up to do a surprise to one of my best friends (haven't seen her for 2 years!) for her birthday. You know... the Granny Square bag? Well...it was for her!

We spent a lovely weekend, celebrating her sons birthday ( 3years) and then hers (20).

I could visit Luxemburg, it's really lovely!

Here are some pictures!

Some lovely flowers in a little village in Luxemburg

My friend, Doriane :-) by the Moselle
First evening we went to the fair in Luxemburg town, it was great! Eating candy and other goodies!
Kenzo (her son) and me in the Moselle

Remember? I was talking about painting my room... Well it's done, a little sneak peek just to see the color ;)

The ugly pink (that looks a lot darker when you see it in the room that never gets direct sun light) is getting covered by a pistachio-lime light green colour, a satinated one, that once it's dry gets a really satinated and smooth touch, almost shiny. You'll see it when everything is finished and in place :-)

Have a nice week!