Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Black currant cordial!

Hi hi!

First of all, thanks to everyone who have spent a little of their time to post some comments on my blog, it makes me SO happy! :) Thank you!
A wonderful flower to thank you all (you may also grab a crayfish!) :

The pattern tutorial is comming, I'm working on it but it's quite hard, I have problems finding my words in english when I crochet in french!

Yesterday, before the Big thunderstorm, I picked about 2 kilos of black currant in the garden. Today I made 2 bottles of cordial from 1 kilo of fruit.
The proportions are: for each kilo of fruit, 10 dl water. Then, for each liter of cordial, 600 gr. sugar.
Here are some pictures!

wash the black currant, then pour the water, let it boil until all the currants have given their juice (squash them a bit against the pot). Filter the currants in the linen net, not to long so that the Vitamin-C doesn't escape ;). Boil up again, ad your sugar, low boiling for 10 mins. Take of the froth over if needed, pour the cordial into hot bottles, close. Decorate it if you will give it away. The one decorated bottle on the picture is only going to the neighbour (and mom's cousin) but he took me cray fishing, gave us crayfish and chanterelles. So he deserved his nice bottle :D


  1. I think you're very good to be able to write instructions in English - I had great difficulty when writing recipes for French friends in French when we lived in France! I must try your cordial - I have a recipe using elderberries which is supposed to be high in Vitamin C and good for colds and sore throats. A blackcurrant one too would be good. Loved the decorated bottle too.


  2. This looks delicious! I love blackcurrants :-)

  3. Thanks for visiting with me! Your cordial looks yummy, it's impressive that you're making your own! I still haven't tried making cordial, maybe I will next year!