Sunday, 23 August 2009

Sneak peaks... at last!

Hi everybody!

How are you all?

I'm soooo not updating my blog! But it's just egg-cooking hot so just sitting infront of the computer is horrible!

But tonight is cooler, with a wind blowing here and there so here I am... after a day of fruit eating (my favourites are coming up on the markets: white peaches, the last strawberries and pears!), what are your favorite fruits????
living on the edge... who said fruit was boring????

So let's not wait any longer, here are the sneak peaks,

I first mentionned the Drunken Harry Potter scarf (Dhp), I've made it with Rowan Lenpur Linen, it's simple as a bee, it's maid out of 2 double-crochets closed together, the whole way.

Why did I call it Drunken Harry Potter? Well, because the common HP scarves are 1) in the HP houses colours 2) made in a very thight stitch and with quite rough yarn... This one is made of funky colours (suiting my trench coat) and made with quite airy stitches. I'm finished with it, but I didn't have enough of the blue (damn yarns with different lengths! ) so I had to finish it of with an other blue... that I have to hide in some way, am thinking of it :-)
But for the moment, here is Dhp!

Then, I mentionned the Stella Shawl, it's going great! I love it even if it's quite demanding, about 1 hour to come around once now that it grows from big to huge! But I'm really fond of it and it'll be cosy to have it on the shoulder when the cold fall mist will come!
... It's red... but my camera must be in love with someone else, the mad thing doesn't make as good pictures as it used to :-P

Hope you're having a lovely end of summer! I'm preparing for University, starting 14th of September, apprehension & "I can't WAIT to be there!"



Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Sweden pictures!

Hey there!

Thanks for the comments :)

Getting along with the fact that I'm back to the land I've always lived in. Even thow I just want to go back to Sweden!

I've some problems uploading my pictures :(

But still, here are some pictures of Sweden!

Just tooooo lazy to get around taking pictures of the shawl and the scarf, it will be for another day, it's just SO hot here ! I'm melting!

How's the weather for you?

My graduation party, Mum did it as a real swedish one, with the hat, the birch tree, my family etc... it was great!
I don't have so many pictures of the landscape this time! But here are some berries :)

Tonight, I'm going to my first Stich-n-Bitch, in Geneva, will be fun! :)

See you around the hook!

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Last day...

Hey everybody!

Sorry for not being sooo connected this week, haven't visited your blogs in 3 days!
But today is my last day in Sweden, at my grandparents. Leaving my country makes me sad! I so want to stay here!

Yesterday we had a family party to celebrate my graduation! It was great!!!!

I don't have time to upload the pictures today, I'll do it an other time but for now you can view them on my facebook:

What for the crocheting? Well, my harry potter scarf is on stand-by, I forgot a yarn at home!

I've started the well known Stella Shawl

and I have soon finished the center motive!

Hope you are all well!



Thursday, 13 August 2009

Here comes the pattern: Galaxy bag

Hey everybody!

Spent my last 2 hours struggling with Open Office to get my pattern right. I think it's quite okay now...

You can get it on Ravelry, here:

And you can download them on these links, I couldn't make it on one PDF, the share site wouldn't take it, it was to big.

Click here for first part!

Click here for second part!

Hope it's clear enough, and please give me a feedback!


Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Black currant cordial!

Hi hi!

First of all, thanks to everyone who have spent a little of their time to post some comments on my blog, it makes me SO happy! :) Thank you!
A wonderful flower to thank you all (you may also grab a crayfish!) :

The pattern tutorial is comming, I'm working on it but it's quite hard, I have problems finding my words in english when I crochet in french!

Yesterday, before the Big thunderstorm, I picked about 2 kilos of black currant in the garden. Today I made 2 bottles of cordial from 1 kilo of fruit.
The proportions are: for each kilo of fruit, 10 dl water. Then, for each liter of cordial, 600 gr. sugar.
Here are some pictures!

wash the black currant, then pour the water, let it boil until all the currants have given their juice (squash them a bit against the pot). Filter the currants in the linen net, not to long so that the Vitamin-C doesn't escape ;). Boil up again, ad your sugar, low boiling for 10 mins. Take of the froth over if needed, pour the cordial into hot bottles, close. Decorate it if you will give it away. The one decorated bottle on the picture is only going to the neighbour (and mom's cousin) but he took me cray fishing, gave us crayfish and chanterelles. So he deserved his nice bottle :D

Friday, 7 August 2009

Big Slurp, number 2!

Here is my Galaxy bag, finished and happy.

I really wanted this bag to come out as a reekingly joyfull bag, you know, you hate it, it is just toooooo much, too colourfull, too messy, too everything. I wanted this excentric old ladies bag that just clames I’M HERE!!!!... and I think I got it just right!

So folks... here it is!


The pattern is being written, in between 2 activities, I'll put it on Raverly and here, even if it's an "Attic24" inspired bag, I still changed quite some things.

Hope you like it!

See you soon! :)

Long time no see

Hey everybody!

Haven't written in quite some days, but well, am on holidays.
On monday mum & I flew to Stockholm, spend 2 days in this beautiful capital! Great time & weather, what more? I want to go back!!!!
Here are some pictures!:)

Then we drove for about 4 hours to go to my grandparents home and sins then we have been sooooo busy! We are redoing the whole balcony & veranda that was before, happily rotting. So after many hours painting, filling and waiting, and of course a horrid back-ache, it's almost finished!

Well... we did still have some treats... as strawberries and the best? some fresh picked chanterelles on buttered bread!

What did I have with me in my suitcase? Oh... a Big Slurp element! let's see... in the next article :)