Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Sweden pictures!

Hey there!

Thanks for the comments :)

Getting along with the fact that I'm back to the land I've always lived in. Even thow I just want to go back to Sweden!

I've some problems uploading my pictures :(

But still, here are some pictures of Sweden!

Just tooooo lazy to get around taking pictures of the shawl and the scarf, it will be for another day, it's just SO hot here ! I'm melting!

How's the weather for you?

My graduation party, Mum did it as a real swedish one, with the hat, the birch tree, my family etc... it was great!
I don't have so many pictures of the landscape this time! But here are some berries :)

Tonight, I'm going to my first Stich-n-Bitch, in Geneva, will be fun! :)

See you around the hook!


  1. Very Cute new blog. Keep it up. You are a natural.

  2. Hi
    I love your blog also and thank you for the comment, I also think my mums lavender bags are great too :) You got a lucky escape my Rhodesian R. (smithy) is a real hand-full heh. will be posting up my holiday pics soon looking forward to reading more of your posts!!
    Lucy x