Sunday, 29 November 2009

Weekend post!

Hey everyone!

Wow I'm realising that my beloved blog is only becomming a kind of weekend blog now!
In the week I'm always thinking that I have to tell you that, show you this. etc..

But then, I just don't have the time!
I've been working like mad, I have a "white exam", doesn't count, on tuesday but I'm still working hard on it, to see how I manage things!

I still have had tiny bits of time to crochet, so, I'll show you what I'm doing.

The top hasn't advanced actually, still havent found the courage to try it on and see if it fits!

I'm still working on my snowflakes for the bus drivers, but I've lost my hook and my yarn (at uni I think, will have to check) so they will have to wait for pictures!

Started a short poncho, it's for now just a long rectangle! It takes hours and hours to make so not that fun but it occupies!

And I've made two necklaces. That I really like! The flower one comes from and the other one is from my imagination. If you want, I'll do a tutorial.

And I went to buy a writing book for when I'm bored on the train. I thought it looked sad. So I did put some colours on it :-)

the cover

the bookmark

Hope you're enjoying your weekend,


See you aroundthehook!

Sunday, 22 November 2009

I hate silence. and I love it

Hey there...

Not a crochety post today... No I need to talk.

I'm alone this week, mom's gone to Sweden and Dad works. I love being alone.

I LOVE being alone, managing my day as I want, sitting around, looking out, walking fast walks (without dog! Yeah I'm really alone.) etc... oh and yeah! Crocheting until fingers and hook burn!

Sweden, this summer

But then! The clock ticks up to 5.30 pm, the dark is set. And ohhhh I HATE it! I have that animal instinct of the dark. I get a little more awake, the ticker in the chest doubles it's rythm, my ears hear everything, and I get crapy nervous. Like really nervous.

Of being alone. So the yummy mega bagel-sandwich I made ended up, half-eaten, in the trash. I can't eat more because all my senses are just SO awake!

And with that, I have this imagination, that I actually love, being able to see fairies in the fogg, cute gnoms under the rain... But at night it's only bizare and creepy animals, red eyes, human beings in my house. And that.. well I hate it. And telling myself that I've locked the door, nobody is here.. well it doesn't help at all!

I hate this! Is it THAT hard being the (post-)teenager that loves making mega parties and finish totally drunk (or something like that), instead of thinking that I shouldn't crochet anymore, because then I have elbow pain and I can't sleep because I think it's a freaking heart attack!

I love a quote I read in a book "In search of English eccentrics" by Henry Hemming. The quote comes from Leopard Man. It's just right.

"Henry Hemming: What's been your happiest moment here[on the Isle of Skye, Tom Leppard lives there in a sort of cave]?
Tom Leppard: I don't think I have one. For me to be extremely happy or extremely sad I need to be around people. If you're alone, I think you can only be content. You don't get real highs and lows. But being alone gives you much greater inner joy. I'm very content here."

I just love this sentence, it's so true! I love feeling gold running threw my blood because I look at nice things, feel alive, see the sun, the fogg. I never retrieve that with friends etc... never that gloriously.

Scotland, 2006

But at least, Augusta, the woman that used to baby-sit me in the days when I was a kiddo in nappies, will be coming to sleep with me each night, yeah well, night-sit a baby ;)

Ohhh it feels nice to have put this down! Hope it isn't to long and boring to read!

I have a new crochet project on the move and yesterday was my mom's birthday, I'll take a picture of her present when she comes back, she actually took it with her.
I'm also making snowflakes, I'll show you them when they are all finished. I love making them!
Weeble is still not progressing, and for the top I frogged the other day (no, the other week, time goes to fast!), it's almost finished but I have still not tried it on!

Have a nice start on week!

Tuesday, 17 November 2009


Do you consider Crochet and knitting for that matter, as a passion?

I was asked the other day about what I like passions, I just couldn't come around with telling about crochet.

And when once I was telling a friend about what I liked doing, and crochet came out, and he said "oh so that's your passion" I just couldn't come around the idea really.

CAN it be a a passion?

I don't feel that it's a passion. I'm not passionate about making knots! It's just something I do and that I like doing, love doing. But it's not a passion in my opinion!

So... can it be? I absolutely had to ask you!

And well, now that we are at it, tell me your passions!

I had to put at least one picture, this is a little snowflake I sent to a dear friend that lives on the other side of the world, in Bangkok. He used to live just a village next to mine, and we never talked, and now he is on the other side of the earth and we talk. So that's why I put the flake on the computer, and that's why I sent a snowflake...he must be missing snow!


Ps: I have a fringe and my hair is now henna-red!

Friday, 13 November 2009

Just a little hop-in!

HI everybody!

How are you all? (this is now a rhetorical question, nobody actually answers it :P )

I've had an other hectic week!

Got my result of the freaking exam, I got 4,02/6, not very very happy. But well...

I'm waiting for my french friend (I showed you some photos of her when I went to visit her, you remember?), she's coming over for the weekend! Yahooo!

So, What I really wanted to show you, is THE love of my life!

How can one just be THAT cute? Well, I was sleeping just next to him before, but couldn't take the picture AND be there...

He looks so human with the head on the pillow and everything! I'm sooo melting!

Have a wonderful weekend filled with wonderfullll crafty projects and other things!


Sunday, 8 November 2009

my week

Hello everybody!

Really don't have the time to do much on the blog these days, the weeks just run away and on the evenings I just sit infront of the TV with my crochet stuff.

How are you doing? Having a nice weekend?

So I thought I'd put some of my activities this week, that are of course non-school related. Because uni already takes a wee to much space in my life!


With a friend we went on tuesday to one of the biggest labyrinths in the world, it's in Switzerland, we had great fun.

(so where do we go?)

After having worked for hours on a top, I actually put it on (to cold in the evenings to try it on, so I got the idea after toooooo long, and it was already to late...) it was to big. So I frogged... for 10 minuts... and it was all gone! So I did some adjustments this time, with some simple Treble stitches on each side to better control the width of the top. It should look like this: Click!

So now I start again...

and then, yesterday morning we had some lovely breakfast, with fresh bread just bought, jam, butter, honey, and hot chocolate in my new mug, my mom bought me! I think it's absolutely lovely!

Oh and we ate also some grilled Papaya, it's a recipe from Sophie Dahl's voluptuous Delights, a lovely book!

1) cut the Papaya in half, throw away the seads
2) fill each half with lime juice (from a half lime, spare the other half) and some zest from it's skin.
3) put it in the oven, under a hot grill-mode.
4) take it out when it started to get brown.
5) pour some more lime, and then just eat.

It's sooooo good!

Have a nice Sunday! Take care¨!!!!


Edit: it's a bad day and a bad weekend, I think the only thing I've been doing is crochet for the pleasure of frogging and ripping afterwards. Shit Happens