Thursday, 31 December 2009

Last post for 2009

Hello everyone!

Not been very active these last weeks,

so very late to tell you, but Merry Christmas! I haven't even had time to pop in to your blogs, see your photos etc... so that will have to be done now too!

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas!


The 24th we stayed at home, cosy, lit a fire, ate our Swedish buffet, watched some TV and then opened the presents. I got very lucky there! :-)

Saffran buns

Christmas table

The 25th we went up to Villars, in the mountains and ate at a gorgeous restaurant, Michelin stars and everything. It was just perfect! Snowing and everything. Gipsy behaved too, he was sleeping next to the fire!

Before Christmas, Gipsy was ill, he had an ulcer. Wasn't very fun at all, but I'm happy to say that he is really better now! He is on a strict diet and still has a few medecine-days to go but I think everything is much better!

The 26th thow, we got to know that someone close in the swedish family died, so that wasn't the funniest day ever, but we're starting to cope with it quite okay.

For the remainder of that time, I've been working. A lot. Loads and loads of revisions. So that's that.

The crochet has been going slowly. But this afternoon 3 and a half hours of train are awaiting me so I will have time to crochet... an Iphone cosy! Yes I have an Iphone since 2 days now, I'm soooo Happy! I called "him" Svenne!

So what about tonight, normally I'm going to the mountains, in Zermatt (you know, just next to the famous matterhorn?). My friends are already there, they've been skiing. And tomorrow I'll take the train at 5a.m to go back. Yes, I said 5am.

Ohhh this is such a load of information, hope it isn't too boring to read!

Gipsy did have some fun!

So last thing, I promise!

I actually like to do a little year summary, of the best/happy moments, the sadest moments. I invite you to do the same when you write in your comments.

My best/happy memories of this year were:

- When I got to know that I'd got the "plus" mark, or here we call it the "mention" to my maturity (college) work.

- When I got to know that I'd passed my final college exams. I knew I would pass, but didn't know that I'd be so bloody brilliant!

- The celebration that followed in Sweden.

- My birthday party was fun too

- Deciding a bit more about what I want to do in life. My determination that has grown to go and live in Sweden. I like it.

The sadest moments or the most unhappy of this year are:

- The death of my ex-boyfriend's father

- When I thought I hadn't got my "plus" mark at the maturity work (yes it was a long story that one :P ), and that I had kind of worked as hell, 120 pages work on Scottish tradition and if they are made up for tourists or if they are serving national identity for actually nothing.

- The death in Sweden, now the 26th.

- Finishing my Maturité years, so college. It was a bad period.

So after have done my years awards, I hope you will do the same!

Hope you will have a lovely start on year 2010!


  1. What a wonderful snowie Christmas you all had. We did too. But, it look like fun was had by all.

  2. You sound like you have had a very interesting year. A lovely cosy Christmas too!!! Glad your dog is feeling better. Have a great 2010!
    Lucy xx

  3. I hope you had a wonderful new year! Wishing you great things in 2010!!

  4. Thank you so much for your kind comment on my last post - and what an offer - the trip to Switzerland!! I am glad to say I am back in circulation again now that Christmas is packed away and the new year well on its way.

    I hope 2010 will be a good year for you and that when you do your review of the year next December it will be full of happy achievements.

    Jane x

  5. Just in answer to your recent comment on the fat balls - you can also buy solid vegetable fat which would work the same. Any solid fat is fine.


  6. Hi Emma! Hope all is well, it has been a couple of weeks since we have heard from you. Hopefully you are just enjoying 2010. :-)