Sunday, 6 December 2009

Fab weekend!


In for the weekend post!

Wow I have never, or at least in a long time, had that much fun!

It started on Friday, with 3 friends we went to see the Supercross, in Geneva. It's a fabulous show, with such enthusiasm, we were yelling, cheering, we came out with no voices left.

Mat Rebeaud, a big FMX jumper! And Swiss!

Then on Saturday night, a friend of mine had his birthday party, 18 years old! It was such fun!!! The theme was "The 7 sins". So I made myself to gluttony and lust!

We danced with 3 friends from 9.30 pm to 01h30 am. On electrostyle, hardstyle and hardcore. It was succcchhhhhhh fun! well, I don't have any legs or feet today... but that's not so important is it?

A good friend of mine, and me

I hope you have had a great weekend! I see some snow has come over the Gephart , I better go and have some good looks at the new posts, Marigold Jam and The Garden Bell have also updated!



  1. Looks great, have a nice week
    Lucy xx

  2. You are tooooo funny. Love your 7 sins get-up. Great job. Don't you just love those fun weekends. It makes Mondays all the more challenging to get back to work.

    It's been snowing here since about 4pm yesterday. Not much is sticking to the ground. It's all getting pretty icy. Yuck.