Friday, 18 December 2009

Christmas party at Yiotas!

What a wonderful idea Yiota and her friend had with hosting Christmas Blogger Party!

I think the idea is great!

So, I have to give away a wee bit of my christmas this year... Actually, I haven't had time to think about Christmas yet, with university etc...

So I think I'll just quickly tell you about how Christmas goes on here. Won't have any pictures, those from last year are really crap!

The tradition is here to always have a swedish buffet, it actually gets smaller and smaller, but that's okay, with me being vegetarian, I'm happy when I've got my favs!
So we get:

-Jansson's frästelse, a potatoe and anchovis gratin
-redbeat salad, with in it: redbeat (seriously?), apples, hering etc...
- "brunkàl", a hot dish made out of cole and Golden Syrup


And the desert is some "Ris à la Malta", in simple words, milkrice with whipped cream in it, with berry sauce. That's yummy!

And after having eaten, we open presents. That's fun! Especially with little Gipsy messing seriously around with papers and "helping" with the package opening!

And what we do then... well it depends. Watch TV, play a card game, read and crochet....

So that's for the 24th. 25th is about the same, family again, cosy but a bit too calm. I can get quite restless and panicky when I don't have something to go (or even know that shops are open, that there is some life somewhere!) But it's okay!

So that's that!

And I forgot! I do believe in Father Christmas!


  1. Your holidays sound wonderful - food, family, and fun! We have always had a big sit-down meal, but I like the idea of a buffet. I may try that next year. Thank you!

  2. I like buffets, too. Everyone gets a dish and sits comfortably on the sofa or the floor,having fun.
    Good for you for believing in Father Christmas!
    Happy Holidays!

  3. One of the nicest aspects of this party is hearing about Christmas traditions from other countries...the food, the celebrations. It sounds wonderful!

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and may Father Christmas leave you something special!

  4. Thank you so much for your lovely comment :)

    Well, I've already lived in the Netherlands and ... yes ! I do miss snow :( Chistmas here is during Summer so it's really hot ! But it's beautiful and colorful, as well :)

    I wish you a wonderful and so blessed Christmas and a successful 2010 !!!



  5. Hi. What a lovely little blog you have! Thanks for your comments on mine. I like your shelfari shelf. I loved those Twilight novels but have not seen the films yet. I kind of don't want to spoil my own mental images of the characters. I will probably wait till they come out on video then have a mammoth session watching them all! Louise