Sunday, 13 December 2009

Big Slurp and presents!

Popping in for the weekend post!

How are you all? Not to busy christmassing are you?

So now, after a wonderful breakfast and then being out in the cold to see a horse I use to ride, and a friend,
I'm back to show you... WEEBLE!!!! Yes Weeble is finished!

I love it! Just the perfect length to cover around the feet whilst crochetin on... a new project!

Yesterday, my day went to making small christmas gifts, to one or two friends and for the bus drivers. I made 2 swedish specialities: Glögg and Pepparkakor.
Pepparkakor are these ginger biscuits and Glögg is blackcurrant cordial with water, vodka and spices. It's lovely. So well, here is the production!

Have a good sunday and a nice start of week!

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