Friday, 5 March 2010

amd with the march sun I come back

Hello everybody!

I've been soooo away these last days, weeks, months! No time and actually no energy to thinkof more than what does essential living (so that was loads of exam thinking in fact!)

I've still managed to keep an eye on your blogs, quite snowy still it seems, like at the Gephart! And that finally the Garden Bell has been flying south. Spring seems to come at Marigolds' and in the Attic24 too! Lovely! Hope you're all well and starting this new year with a great kick!

so, I have so many things to catch up, I don't even know where to start.

So since we talked last, I've been to Sweden, where all the time went to snowshovelling! It was great! And I came back yesterday from Valencia where we met the sun and the beach. It did really good!

Unfortunately no pictures (yet?) because they're all on my Iphone.

I did pass my exams too. 4.5/6. Not bad, I'm happy!

But what I have pictures of, is this big crochet project that is finished.

You know that some time ago I bought these amazing yarns for actually nothing, remember? Well I wanted to do something REALLY special with all this yarn! But what? And there was so much. So it had to be a big, time and yarn consuming project.

Then whilst surfing around on Ravelry I found the PERFECT project. But the tutorial was for knitting. So I started with my own little knowledge:

- The Ripple pattern from the Attic, that I've already exercised on lovely little Weeble (see 4 articles below)
- My body and it's tricky parts (a very narrow wait but large hips)

And then I started. Bottom-up. And it came out beautiful. I LOVE it!

Okay, I won't make you wait any longer! Here it is!

So I'll leave you with a last picture of my pride-project (yes I still can't believe that I made it :P) And I hope to see you soon again! Take care!


  1. Welcome Back! Congratulations on your exam results, well done! The dress you made is amazing, it takes real talent to make something that beautiful.

  2. job. Too much fun. Glad to see your exams went well. Now, head out the door in this cute little dress and have a celebration.

    Kate - The Garden Bell

  3. oh wow what a fantastic creation!!
    And you my sweet have an amzing figure to show it off, I am suddenly extremely envious! :o)
    ps will email you re the pattern etc xx

  4. Welcome back and well done on your exams.
    Wow! The dress is amazing. It looks great on you!

  5. Superbe, Emma! Et elle te va comme un gant. Tu as vraiment de l'or au bout des doigts :)

  6. That dress is incredible and quite inspiring!