Sunday, 29 November 2009

Weekend post!

Hey everyone!

Wow I'm realising that my beloved blog is only becomming a kind of weekend blog now!
In the week I'm always thinking that I have to tell you that, show you this. etc..

But then, I just don't have the time!
I've been working like mad, I have a "white exam", doesn't count, on tuesday but I'm still working hard on it, to see how I manage things!

I still have had tiny bits of time to crochet, so, I'll show you what I'm doing.

The top hasn't advanced actually, still havent found the courage to try it on and see if it fits!

I'm still working on my snowflakes for the bus drivers, but I've lost my hook and my yarn (at uni I think, will have to check) so they will have to wait for pictures!

Started a short poncho, it's for now just a long rectangle! It takes hours and hours to make so not that fun but it occupies!

And I've made two necklaces. That I really like! The flower one comes from and the other one is from my imagination. If you want, I'll do a tutorial.

And I went to buy a writing book for when I'm bored on the train. I thought it looked sad. So I did put some colours on it :-)

the cover

the bookmark

Hope you're enjoying your weekend,


See you aroundthehook!


  1. I love the neclaces, very colourful, what a good idea covering the notebook!!
    Have a nice week
    Lucy xx

  2. I wrote a comment earlier about me learning to crochet and I lost my connection before sending it.
    So now to the point: lovely flowers and I find your notebook very cute.

  3. Love the cover to your notebook and the yarn colour choice was fabulous!