Tuesday, 29 September 2009


Yes.... ZzZzZzzzzz I'm sooooo sleeepy!

After have danced 4 hours in a row on Saturday, getting to bed at 5am on Sunday and then 2 whole and long days of University, I'm just kind of finished off!

But the weather is superb! Really warm and sunny! That's a real positive point!

Not a lot of time... so the Big Slurp will have to wait... But Big Slurp of what???

No idea???

Okay, I give it a way... here it is! (picture taken at 6am this morning so no comments on the quality ;p )It's the Stella Shawl!


But for today I just wanted to show you a wee fellow that has adopted Weeble (that hasn't grown since the last pictures, but who cares? )

Looking at it, observing it...

Trying to sympatize with it...

And well... adopting it!
Hope you're having a good start on your week! <3


  1. What a cutie! He obviously recognises a quality blanket when he sees one.

    Jane x

  2. I'm spotting a Attic 24 ripple. There is a new group in her honor over at Flickr... I know she would love to see this....


  3. Emma! Your dog is sooooooo cute!! I want to adopt it:P

    and did I just read that your Stella shawl is done?? *gets all jumpy*

  4. Your shawl is amazing! What a sweetie your puppy dog is and obviously he has excellent tastes in crochet. :-)

  5. sooo cute, my dog douse that with all my crochet I think it is because they see we like it so much it must be a good thing.