Monday, 21 September 2009

Yesterdays long walk!

Yesterday was a really Perfect Cosy day.

Well it started by loads of maths to do, that wasn't the funniest but it feels so good to have finished it!

Then came a nice breakfast, bread, jam, butter, fruit. It was already noon.
I was so tired after the 2 hours of maths so I went to bed again.. and slept until 3pm! But boy did it do good!

The weather, still quite cloudy was holding up from rain, and the light got brighter and brighter. Time to go out! And that was exactly what Mom, Gipsy & I did. We took the car to the loveliest place in the neighborhoods, where we so want to find a house to live in! There are 2 villages next to each other and above them (between them and the Jura mountains) there is a big agricultural space, filled with crops and cows. And then comes the slopy Jura chain with it's forest filled with paths and mysteries! In one of the villages it's said that there are more horses than people.... yes I did ride for 6 years ;)

Isn't the landscape beautiful? It's definitely automny colours now.

Well, we took a gigantic walk, so peaceful, and that light, bright but not sharp, soothing and warming! Gipsy had great fun running around in his long lead, drinking water in a small river, looking for mice.

He finished just so dirty, look at this! :-)

What have you been up to this weekend?

I hope you had some nice weather!

We have the luxury of having this monday off, I'll be spending it snuggeled up in a blanket, hot chocolate drinking, crocheting and watching the telly.



  1. I remember my uni years when breakfast was at noon! Love you pictures from your walk. Sunday was mostly spent at home with the family. As for Saturday you are more than welcome to visit my blog and see.

  2. C'est vraiment super joli... T'as l'air d'adorer ces endroits où il n'y a que la tranquillité qui règne...

  3. Looks like great weather for all. Glad to see you got out for an enjoyable walk.

  4. Lovely pictures from the walk, I hope university is going well?
    Lucy x