Saturday, 26 September 2009


+1... yes yesterday was my 18 + 1 years... I'm 19 now!

Such odd feelings! It was a wonderful day!
It started with the tradition of getting the presents in the morning. Really nice presents! A lovely bracelet, money, cards, boots and shoes, etc... nice! nice! nice!

(the boots!!!!)
Then got some sms' but not so many as last year, everybody just prefering Facebook... and that makes me quite sad. I always send an sms (or call) if I know the person. But all in all, I'm happy.

In the evening, mom made some good food and had bought a cake (passion fruit & chocolate!) and then I went out with a friend.

This evening will be a big party at a local bar & disco. Can't wait!

I love love LOVE birthdays and christmas. But it's also so not the same. It's like there is an invisible filter that just says "You can't enjoy it like before, you're not a kid anymore!"
Why can't we be kids on that day? Dunno.

I just want to say to all kids to really remember every single minut of all their birthdays, to bottle it up, and seal it neately. And keep it. For when they become officialy grown-ups.

I wish you a lovely weekend!



  1. Happy birthday! Gosh 19 - it's nearly half a century since I was 19 but I do so remember the feelings you describe! Birthdays do become less important as you grow up but there are plenty of other compensations and new experiences. Enjoy your party tonight.



  2. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful time with your friends.

  3. Happy Birthday and have a lovely time with your friends! I think 19 is a great age: you're not a kid so you can have your way with things, but not old enough to have the pressure of a fully adult life.

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY adn hope you had a lovely time
    Lucy x