Saturday, 19 September 2009


Here are some pictures, at last, of the Ripple Blanket,
In other words... called Weeble! ... Yes... Wee Blanket... Weeble... I love it!
And I love rippling now that I have, at last, understood how to do it!

Can't wait to stick my cold feet under it after a long day in university, a nice shower and then... Weeble and I, infront of the TV. I just CANT wait!

So... here Weeble comes!

You might remember one of my first articles about making an orgy-like yarn buying at Tricolaine in Carouge...
Well, I got this yarn, a heavenly Debbie Bliss yarn, soft, warm, not fussy.



It has almost transformed totally in a, like magic, blanket.

Let's not wait any longer!

I so hope you like it!

The funniest is that I started working on it (well trying at least, coudn't get the pattern right at that moment) 5 days before Lucy from Attic24 announced her Ripple Blanket, and even more important, the reason why she was making it, her baby!

So yes, you have understood that it is Attic24's design ;)

And now, well... my first week at university! I love the subject (geography that is), it takes some time to adjust to the independance etc... And there is some horrible, heart breaking, achy maths to do too. Crap and double bollocks in my opinion! (why the hell does maths exist in fact?)

But well... otherwise the weather has definitely switched to automn even thow, the sky is blue and the sun shines warmly, one can walk around in a skirt and a top, but the wind is a lot cooler and the air is not as searingly hot.

BUT! In 6 days (next Friday!) it's my the automny thing doesn't matter just yet. In seven days it will, because then it isn't as interesting any more.. You know, observing the weather changes, you know the B-day comes nearer and nearer... Well after that... it's just a long way to go in cold and dark days. Before Christmas ;)

I'm off, going shopping some yarn (yay!) and then working on my maths!

Have a wonderful weekend!

See you Around the hook!


  1. It looks locely - I love the colours. Good luck with your studies.


  2. i like the blanket,very ripley :)
    Lucy x

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog -I've just seen your comment.
    Your project looks great. I now want to learn how to ripple!