Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Here I am again!

I have had so much to do so poor blog had to have fun all by himself, thanks to the other bloggers he had some nice comments to eat!

My vacation in Spain was fantastic! It was hot, sunny, the sea was really warm (26°C) and we had a great time! Sitting on the beach all day, taking in as much sand, sea and sun for the winter.I meant to publish an article when I came back, but I took some time to recover from the fright in the aeroplane on the way back. I hate flying. And in the middle of the journey, we hear a sound that sounds well... like a motor that's switched of. And then there was smoke in the cabin. But no problem was reported to the cockpit, so we continued and landed safley.
Well, that's that

and then, yesterday, I started University! I quite like it!
I'm in Geoscience section Geography. Yesterday I came back quite disappointed, but today I had some really interesting courses, I hope it will go on like that! :-)

The university is in Lausanne, I have to take Public Transports to get there, about one people crowded hour to get there, and the same in the evening, so that's a bit annoying.

And what's around the hook for now?

Many many things!

I'm still waiting for the Merino yarn from Sweden to come, so that I can finish my Stella Shawl!
Whilst waiting I have at last started a Ripple Blanket (for the feet), I took a looong time before getting the thing right, I still don't know my error but now it's fixed :-)

I still have that fishy sock project on, but I can't fined a pattern that suites me really. So that's a hell of a stand-by.

No pictures yet. Have a great backache and just am tooo lazy to go upstairs and take a little picture!

So tell me, what are you doing with your hooks now in the beginning of Fall?




  1. Trip to Spain, Yarn from Sweden... What more could you ask for. Can't wait to see all your pictures.

  2. Gosh you lucky thing spending time on the beaches in Spain....I can only dream of such a wonderful place to be. Good to hear you made it home safely, I too am quite frightened of flying. Can't wait to see the reveal of your latest projects!

  3. looks lovely there , glad you had a nice time :) lucy x

  4. Thank you so much for your comments on mine. You are right taking time to get to know a few bloggers is much better than meeting everybody and knowing no-one.

    Hope your university classes are going well - it will take some settling into no doubt.