Saturday, 5 September 2009

ze BIG thrill of the day!!!!

I'm sooooo happy!

After almost 5 hours of work with my ex-boyfriend, then putting things in order etc... my working room is so finished!

I LOVE it and am so proud of it, after having worked on it soooo much!
There is still some details to be done as for some lamps, the walls are a bit empty still, the curtains must have embraces etc...

Here are some picture :-)

Entering the room...
My reading-audiobook listening-crocheting corner

The big shelves for biggggg university studies ;)

For the crocheting.... Well I'm waiting for the yarns to finish the Stella Shawl and I have started a total freak out project, meaning I absolutely don't know what it will turn out to (edit: nothing)

Hope all of you are well!

I'll not post for a week or so, I'm going to Spain tomorrow, staying until thursday and the friday, first day of university! See you then!

Take care! XXX


  1. Try shrinking it when editing :) I love your work room im hoping to get some order in my bedrom 2!! :)
    Lucy x

  2. What a delightful shade of green. So so fresh. Love the contrast with the white. The pop of red is also very fun. Even a little more in the room would be perfect...

    Good job. Enjoy

  3. loVE the colour of your walls, so fresh and yummy!
    It looks like a wonderful room to create and relax in, no wonder you are feeling proud :o)

  4. Snyggt, jag gillar den gröna färgen!


  5. Love it - should prove to be an inspiring environment. Have a great time in Spain.


  6. Your room look great. Love the pillow! :)

  7. oh! what a cool and relaxing shade of green! congrats, it looks beautiful