Monday, 27 July 2009

So much to tell (show!)

Hey everybody!
Hope you have had a good start on your week, here it's partly cloudy but the sun keeps peeping out, that's nice!

I just have soooo much to tell, so here comes the upgrade!

First of all, I got this wonderful present from a dear friend, for my graduation, it's a "university pack": So what's in it?
- a thermos
- a mobile phone pocket "give me your number
- a ruler
- a page marker
- chocolate (that's gone already!)
- orange juice
- a key ring
- a banana pen
- a lush bath "Jasmin bath ball"
- Scotchtape holder
- a little bag clock
- a USB connecting fan
- a USB connected tea warmer (it's the blue cat platform, get's hot when you connect it to the computer)
- an eraser
- a tip-ex
- some pens

It's lovely isn't it?

Next 1... I have got my books! This morning! They seem really good :) I'll work on a new cushion project as soon as I get a nice one! :)

Next 2... I forgot to present you my wee dog, a beagle, named Gipsy, he's 6 years old and... well he is just the best dog in the world. So... here he is!

So now... I have to find a section name for when I have my patters and crochet things finished... I chose "The big slurp" ... Why? That's kind of weird...

Well because: To finish a crochet project is as lovely, as rare (not every day you finish a project) and it makes you as happy as a big slurp.... What the hell do I mean? No I've not gone bonkers (yet)! But currently I thaught it would be a fun illustration of the "here it is, I've finished!"

So let's have one of those "big slurp moment"... in the next article! :)

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