Sunday, 19 July 2009

Evening crocheting!

Hey there!

How has your day been?
I got all of my cosy planned things done, it was wonderfully relaxing, ended the day by an hour walk.
Then I tried out some nylon crocheting, I'll put the pictures in soon.
But what I also did today was to really make a nice corner for my crocheting: I used an old basket where everything odd was stored, cleaned it up and put some of the Ikea mini-baskets in and could then sort out my wool, my decoration (ribbon, eyes, etc.. for when I make fairies), my hooks and all the books...

I'm quite excited, I put in earlier today an order for books, I can't wait to receive them, they are in french ( I get bloody messed up with the english stitch names!) , but you must know about them, I think they all are english from start... hope that the translation will be okay!

- 250 points au crochet, Phildar
- 200 carrés au crochet: Pour couvertures, jetés et plaids, Jan Eaton
- La Bible du crochet, Betty Barnden
- Crochet moderne, Melody Griffiths


Have a nice night, sleep tight!

How to recycle a totally freaked sock (yes it IS horrible)...

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