Sunday, 19 July 2009

Cosy Sunday!

Hi everybody, or more for now, kind of nobody ;),

For one of the first times of my life I actually really look forward to my day! This past month has been reallyyyyy hectic, first with my exams (3 weeks) then with the celebrating because I passed

Then I went to a camp as leader, it was in a lovely barn where children (from 6 to 10) learned how to take care of animals, play outdoors etc... Lovely but intense, 6 days with 26 children!

Straight after Family & I & a friend went to Barcelona, where Dad has a flat, he actually works from there as a pilot. Nice to chill out in the evenings after a long dayyyyyyy at the beach. But still it is quite different from being alone with family, having a friend over is also quite some job!

So now I'm reeeeaaaaallllyyyy happy to have this Sunday alone at home, Mom stays in Barcelona until tomorrow.

AND I'm happy that the weather isn't really stunning, not to feel guilty about snuggling up in the couch for the rest of the day! See? The sun doesn't really want to come out and it's quite chilly!

But for the day to really start nicely, got up after allowing me quite a sleep in (until ten o'clock) I went to the local shop in my beloved Fisherman's pants, get some milk and a pastry. Then I got home, made myself a Choc-ô-lait, do you know it? Here, it is a chunky bit of Belgian chocolate you dip into your hot milk... it's gorgeous!
Then, I took a bit of these flat crispy swedish breads, buttered it and put some Guava Jam on it. This jam is really hard to find in Switzerland, do you have it?

If yes, here is a simple but really nice recipy:

- 1 puff pastry (bought or home made) - Guava jam (or jelly) - Philadelphia cream cheese You have to cut circles in your puff pastry (with a cup for an example), put a tea spoon of guava and a tea spoon of cream cheese on the circle, close it up in half (completely!) then grab a fork and do some edging so it sticks together, then just smear egg yolk on each of the half-circles and put it in the oven ( about 200°C) until they get a nice golden color!

So... I think that's that for now, I got to get cracking with my cosy day! Crocheting, order some crochet books, sleep and whatch some films!

Tell me, what films do you like watching on your cosy days?

See you Around the hook!

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