Saturday, 18 July 2009

Hi there!

Hi everybody!

Welcome to around the hook,
Why around the hook? Because I love crocheting! I'm not an expert but I just love doing it and trying new things etc...

So... this blog will be about what I like, crochet, food, animals, weekends etc... so let's see what we will get out of it!

My name is Emma, I'm 18, I live in Switzerland but actually am swedish, scottish and indian.
Why not this blog in french then, a language I speak and write really better than english? Because it's not for friends to read and I'm doing it for me and possibly you readers!

What give me the idea? This wonderfulllllllllllllll blog: attic24
I just love it!

So... welcome again!

Hoping you're having a lovely weekend!

picture: me, myself & I, in Sweden, at my grandparents. april 2009


  1. Hello Emma
    Just wanted to say welcome to Blogland, alwyas nice to see anotehr Hooker on the block...I'm sure you're gonna have fun in your little patch of cybersapce!
    Love Lucexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Here is Mom commenting! You are on your own for just a day and you have again started another wonderful project! You are my daughter and I should be careful and not brag about...., but I must say that you are one of the most dynamic people I know! Bravo, Emma!