Friday, 30 October 2009

So much news! But lets start with a Big SlurP!!!!

Hey everybody! How are you?

Ohhhh I couldn't waitttt to be at the end of this long week (I had my first exam and I have NO idea of how it went, we'll see!) to show you my new perfect, warm, soft lovely scarf!

It's done in Merino Lang- Superwash. The pattern came from Ravelry. I loveeeee Ravelry, do you use it? Like it?

It's a clove scarf. So here let's not wait longer!

THE scarf!

It looks comfy on! :-)

I love feeling my own little production around my neck! It feels just nice! And perfect!

And then, I came home, from the last day of university of the last week in October to find a Big Box waiting for me! I knew what was in it! I LOVE it!

I ordered yarn from a very nice lady going out of business and selling the yarn at low low low prices. And here it came!

Can't wait to start my projects! But one thing at a time! I've some gloves to finish for my mom, then her birthday present and then... we'll see :D

I know one little tyke who is ready for a cuddly evening! All cuddled up in his blankies in the mornings! One can almost not see him!

Lovely weekend to you lovely persons visiting and taking the time to comment my blog!

XXX See you around the hook!


  1. Lovely scarf and you will have a lot of fun with those yarns I'm sure. Cute doggie and I don't blame him for cuddling up in his blankies!


  2. Hope you get a good result on your exam!!
    The scarf looks brill.
    All that wool how long it will take you to use it all up!!!
    have a nice weekend.
    Lucy xx

  3. Hi Emma! Make sure you have some rest and fun over the weekend. Your scarf looks gorgeous.

  4. Fingers crossed for your exam result. Your scarf is so lovely, I adore the colour! What a score you made on your yarn delivery. I love your colour choices.

  5. Just stopping by again to say thank you for all your kind comments on my blog. I don't alwyas get to respond personally but I do appreciate all the comments I get and feel blessed to have happened into such a great blogging community.

    Jane x

  6. Yep, love the colour choice too! Can't wait to see what you're going to do with all that!
    Lovely scarf ;)