Thursday, 15 October 2009

The Big slurp!


Here it comes! I've finally had 2 small minuts (and those were on monday at 6 a.m) to take some pictures- quite lousy because of the early hours- of the Stella Shawl!... well it should be the Emma Shawl now that I've done it ;)
With the flash so the pattern comes out!In my favourite mirror! Isn't it great? Yup don't look at me, it actually WAS 6am ;)
It is very comfy, it keeps warm and well... I think it came out quite right! :-)

Otherwise, the temperature is getting realllyyyyyy cold here, we were at -1°C this morning and there is a cold wind, the Bise. Crappy crap!
How is your fall getting on? Getting all cosy and hibernating? :)

Take care!!!!


  1. Wow. Nice job. This looks great and perfect for the change of weather and the beginning of hibernation season.

    Thanks for all you comments they are much appreciated to know someone is looking at all the effort.

  2. Absolutely beaufitul! You are very clever to crochet something some lovely.
    It is getting colder here too, yesterday we had our first snow fall! Nice big white fluffy flakes which melted as soon as they hit the ground.

  3. It looks really good-very feminine and delicate. It must have taken some time.
    Have a nice week
    Lucy x

  4. The shawl is gorgous and I love the colour.

    Nina x

  5. French or English comment?
    Well, since the blog's written in English... Beautiful job, Emma, the shawl is gorgeous and I love this colour too. You're very gifted indeed!
    big hugs

  6. Hi Emma! Your shawl looks great! I think it was hard work so enjoy it!
    The book is a novel - I'll post about it when I finish it (that may take a while!)

  7. Tanks for the birthday wishes! I just saw it.