Sunday, 11 October 2009

Glorious Sunday

Hello everybody!

Have you been sleeping well? Hope so :)

I went out with Gipsy this morning under a sun that could be an august sun. Only the leaves reminded that we are approching winter!

It's almost scary how warm it is outside... Global warming?!

I wanted to talk about university a bit, as you know, I'm in geoscience faculty, option geography. I really like it! Except for the maths bit. And the cartography! But I love Ressources & Population, Water Cycle, Territorial systems etc...

There are so many new feelings, new surroundings, new methods to take in, it's really exciting! But also exhausting! Starting 5th week tomorrow and I still haven't got a routine.

And then... only 9 weeks to go and then... the first exams. I can't understand where time has gone!

So well... Here I am on a glorious sunday, trying to see where the hell time passed.

And for the crochet.... Weeble is getting on, not so fast because I'm having projects in parallel, I did a shawl for the mother of a friend (Christmas present), I'm getting paid for the work, nice so I can get some yarn of the money! And I've started a new scarf that turns out great!

But all those projects and the Big Slurp for the Stella Shawl will have to wait for... well... until I've got some more time!

Have a great sunday!



  1. We seem to be having the same summery weather. Enjoy it while it lasts.
    Your studies sound really interesting; the Resources course must be very good. Enjoy that, too. (being a student I mean)

  2. Sounds great i would love to have a bit of warm weather :)
    have a nice week
    Lucy x

  3. great shadow picture. wonderful composition. And now let's talk about those cute shoes...

  4. Enjoy the sunshine whilst you can! Glad you are enjoying uni but also getting in a little crafting too - good work/life balance!