Sunday, 8 November 2009

my week

Hello everybody!

Really don't have the time to do much on the blog these days, the weeks just run away and on the evenings I just sit infront of the TV with my crochet stuff.

How are you doing? Having a nice weekend?

So I thought I'd put some of my activities this week, that are of course non-school related. Because uni already takes a wee to much space in my life!


With a friend we went on tuesday to one of the biggest labyrinths in the world, it's in Switzerland, we had great fun.

(so where do we go?)

After having worked for hours on a top, I actually put it on (to cold in the evenings to try it on, so I got the idea after toooooo long, and it was already to late...) it was to big. So I frogged... for 10 minuts... and it was all gone! So I did some adjustments this time, with some simple Treble stitches on each side to better control the width of the top. It should look like this: Click!

So now I start again...

and then, yesterday morning we had some lovely breakfast, with fresh bread just bought, jam, butter, honey, and hot chocolate in my new mug, my mom bought me! I think it's absolutely lovely!

Oh and we ate also some grilled Papaya, it's a recipe from Sophie Dahl's voluptuous Delights, a lovely book!

1) cut the Papaya in half, throw away the seads
2) fill each half with lime juice (from a half lime, spare the other half) and some zest from it's skin.
3) put it in the oven, under a hot grill-mode.
4) take it out when it started to get brown.
5) pour some more lime, and then just eat.

It's sooooo good!

Have a nice Sunday! Take care¨!!!!


Edit: it's a bad day and a bad weekend, I think the only thing I've been doing is crochet for the pleasure of frogging and ripping afterwards. Shit Happens


  1. Oh dear! Sorry you are having problems with your crochet - as you say S*** happens! Hope it will go better soon. I can see that a top like that would need to fit properly otherwise you might look like me as a child in my knitted swimsuit!!

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend and perhaps give the crochet a rest for now - it might og better if you come back to it later?


  2. wow that top looks great!! i saw that labarinth on the television!! hehe
    have a nice weekend
    Lucy xx

  3. Now that it's frogged, don't look back, look forward to trying again.

    So much to see here. But, love the first of naptime... too cute

  4. I hope today will be a better day for you - I have had a touch of the Novembers, too, and sometimes you just have to look forward and not back. With best wishes and hope it all looks up

    Pomona x