Friday, 13 November 2009

Just a little hop-in!

HI everybody!

How are you all? (this is now a rhetorical question, nobody actually answers it :P )

I've had an other hectic week!

Got my result of the freaking exam, I got 4,02/6, not very very happy. But well...

I'm waiting for my french friend (I showed you some photos of her when I went to visit her, you remember?), she's coming over for the weekend! Yahooo!

So, What I really wanted to show you, is THE love of my life!

How can one just be THAT cute? Well, I was sleeping just next to him before, but couldn't take the picture AND be there...

He looks so human with the head on the pillow and everything! I'm sooo melting!

Have a wonderful weekend filled with wonderfullll crafty projects and other things!



  1. Hi Emma! This fellow is really very cute!
    Have a wonderful weekend with your friend!

  2. :) my dogies do that all the time, somtimes even sit up like little old women.. :D hehe i think i might just answer that rhetorical question,.... im fine ty how are you ??
    Lucy xx

  3. Really too cute. LOve tHe HeAd on the PilLoW.

    Have A GrEaT WeEkEnd...

  4. I'm fine thanks! Love your cute friend!


  5. My dogs do that too! Sally loves to get into bed before me and make my 'spot' nice and warm for me - although I am sure that is not her intention! Like Lucy's mentioned, one of them does sit up like a person - especially when riding in the back seat of the car! My four dogs are like my I am not surprised they act like people.